4 Ways That Your Landscaping Can Deter Home Invaders

4 Ways That Your Landscaping Can Deter Home Invaders

4 Ways That Your Landscaping Can Deter Home Invaders
Believe it or not, your yard can play a vital role in deterring potential burglars and home invaders. When you consider your own current landscaping, think about what type of message it would send to someone passing by on the street?

Does it display a well-kept and cared for home? Or does it portray a neglected and unprotected residence?

Simple changes to your landscaping can make a large difference in terms of home security. It is important to remember, though, that the following tips are not to be taken as a replacement to a home security system – there is no substitute for a top-grade home security system such as one provided by Powerlink, LLC.

Don’t Hide Behind Hedges

A common practice in landscaping is to grow tall hedges and shrubs that act as privacy fences. The truth is, while privacy is very valuable to some people, taller hedges also create barriers for burglars to hide behind. These shrubs can create limited visibility for your neighbors and passing cars and provide potential burglars some cover from others.

It is best to keep perimeter hedges below three feet in height. This way you can still establish a border to your yard without providing a would-be home invader with a place to hide.

Border Your Home

Another way to help deter burglars through landscaping is by bordering your home with a louder material than grass, such as gravel. The loud crunch of walking on gravel can cause a burglar to feel instantly vulnerable and can even alert you of their presence.

You don’t have to sacrifice style or design to do this, either. Gravel comes in many options and sizes to suit the look of your yard and seamlessly blend into an existing landscaping design.

Present Obstacles Near Windows

As a common point of entry for home invaders, your windows could always benefit from some added security.

Adding thorny plants, such as rose bushes or holly, can serve as both a visual and physical deterrent to potential burglars. Presenting an obstacle that makes it harder for them to access your windows is a major benefit itself, while the prickly thorns are just added security.

Talk to a local landscaping professional to find a thorny plant that works best in your climate.

Portray An Active Home

By regularly maintaining your yard, you are creating an image of an occupied and active home. Burglars are more likely to target a home that has signs of neglect (tall grass, untrimmed hedges, etc) over a home with a well-kept yard.

Sometimes the smallest detail can be all it takes to turn a burglar away from attempting to break-in to your home. A yard that is cared for and healthy shows that the person living there is paying attention to their home, whether they handle the landscaping themselves or employ the services of a landscaping professional.

Local Home Security Experts

Never overlook the impact that landscaping can have on your home’s safety. Always think of ways to persuade potential home invaders from targeting your home.

Powerlink, LLC is the trusted home security system provider for the Middle Tennessee area. Contact us today if you are ready to secure your home with a top-of-the-line ADT home security system.

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