Avoid Leaving Your Car Unattended And Idling This Winter

Avoid Leaving Your Car Unattended And Idling This Winter

At one time or another, we’ve all let our cars idle in the parking lot or driveway in order to avoid hopping into a freezing cold car during the winter. While this behavior may be convenient for us, it also poses a security risk.

It’s Illegal In Tennessee

Contrary to popular belief, if you leave your car unattended and idling, while the keys are still in it, you are subject to a $100 fine according to the state of Tennessee law. The exception to this law is if your car is on private property. For those who live in apartment complexes or decide to warm up the car, beware of this fine! However, keep in mind that this particular law is there to assist with your safety and the safety of others.

Have a Spare Key Available

To ensure that your car and personal belongings are kept safe, have a spare car key made. In the morning, you can warm up and lock your car, and use your spare key to enter the car.

Allowing your car to idle unlocked in a public parking lot poses a variety of security threats. From stolen property to the safety of those potentially inside the vehicle, it is in your best interest to either avoid idling or locking the car completely.

Protect The Safety Of Your Children and Pets

From the summer heat to the winter cold, leaving children and pets in your car while idling has been a pressing topic in the news lately. Many parents have allowed their children to stay inside the car while they quickly run in for groceries. During the winter, you may be inclined to leave the car running and allow your child to stay in the car, however this leaves your child or pet susceptible to a variety of threats.

This winter, try to either lock your car or avoid idling. Your car will warm up just fine by driving! 

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