Why Your Home Security System Needs a Siren

Why Your Home Security System Needs a Siren

There have been so many advancements in home security systems that it is easy to forget about the tried-and-true methods of the past. As part of a home security system, a siren can eliminate the need for police action by scaring off burglars before they have the chance to do any irreparable damage, potentially saving lives in the process. While some view sirens as outdated, the truth is that they are just as relevant now as they have ever been.

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Check the Stats

The mere sight of a siren can alert a potential burglar and cause them to change their mind. Studies have shown that the vast majority of home invaders will canvass a home to see if it has a visible home security system before attempting a break-in. Most convicted burglars admit that they would bypass a house with a noticeable alarm system, and roughly 70% they would promptly desert a home invasion attempt if a loud alarm sounded. The sensory overload of a siren can stun the would-be burglar, cloud their judgment, fill them with immediate stress and eventually cause them to abandon their burglary.

Alert Everyone

The point of a siren is ultimately to prevent a break-in, it just uses a different process than a silent alarm system. While the rest of the home security system is doing its job and alerting the proper authorities, the siren begins the process by letting everyone — and I mean everyone — in the surrounding area that an event is taking place. It is designed to make your entire family aware of the burglary. This means if is very beneficial to have a plan in place in terms of what your family members need to do if they hear the siren. Neighbors are also alerted by the siren and are immediately made conscious of the break-in, adding another level of protection.

Protect Your Home and Family

Is your house currently protected by a home security system? If not, you may be placing not only your valuables at risk, but your peace of mind as well. Prevent a burglary before it has the chance to unfold and arm your Middle Tennessee residence with a home security system from Powerlink, LLC today.

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